About us - Sabrina and the little pacifier fairy Mimi

Hello, I'm Sabrina. I am a mother of three children.

I also knew the worry about the sleepless nights and the many tears of my children. Until the idea of ​​the little pacifier fairy Mimi came to me.

My daughter Marie (Mimi) gave me the idea of ​​the pacifier fairy Mimi.

For my children

The whole project is dedicated to my children: my daughter Mimi, who plays the leading role in the video and the pacifier fairy story. But my other two children and their favorite cuddly toys also make an appearance.

My sincere thanks also go to the many parents with whom I exchanged ideas, as well as speech therapists, child psychologists and dentists. Her experiences and insights into getting rid of pacifiers made their way into the story.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my husband and my parents for supporting this idea in every way.

I got the idea for this very special pacifier fairy from my eldest daughter

Marie (nickname Mimi) loved her pacifier dearly. When she was little, the pacifier helped her need to suckle. So the pacifier helped both of us.

But how could she wean herself off the pacifier?

When she still had the pacifier at the age of three, I set out to find a way to wean her off the pacifier as gently as possible.

    • I scoured the internet.
    • I ordered books from the Schnullerfee.
    • I promised her the greatest gifts.

Nothing helped. Even going to the dentist left her completely cold.

Nothing could convince her to hand in her pacifier promptly.

Then the pacifier fairy came into play

Because the pacifier fairy always interested her. Now and then she asked about her.

One evening when I told her the story of the pacifier fairy again, she prompted me to think about it with her questions.

The following thoughts went through my head:

    • Every child has heard of the pacifier fairy. And today's generation is growing up more and more with a wide variety of media. Why is there no video about the Schnullerfee yet?
    • Why are the books always talking about other children who no longer need the pacifier? Shouldn't OUR children play the leading role in this important issue?
    • Why are children always told what they can't do yet? Shouldn't the focus be on WHAT children can already do without a pacifier?
    • Why is it often conveyed to the children in the books that the pacifier fairy secretly comes through the window at night and picks up the pacifier? (This initially made my daughter need the pacifier even more.)

I started writing my own story

I got down to it first thing in the morning and drew a pacifier fairy for my Marie (more badly than right.) But she was happy. :-)

I told her that the pacifier fairy sent her a little message and sent me this picture. We should stick the picture on the window pane so that she can see that she only needs the pacifier to sleep.

I wrote a text the next night that the fairy is all proud of. What Marie can do, what she can do without her pacifier.

I recorded the text with a speech function and distorted the voice a bit so that she had no idea who this message was actually coming from :-)

She couldn't stop being amazed and kept saying:
"Mom, the fairy sent me a message and she knows my name."

Even when she was driving, she wanted to hear this message over and over again. So we didn't hear any more children's music for days, just the pacifier fairy.

Whenever Mimi heard the news, she took out her pacifier and said: "Right. I can do it all.” She was so proud of herself.

It wasn't two days before she wanted to put the picture on the window. And indeed, from that day on, she only needed her pacifier to sleep.

I couldn't believe how easy it was all of a sudden :-)

Mom, I want pacifier fairy Mimi to come

Three days later she was lying in bed with her pacifier and all of a sudden she said to me: "Mom, I want pacifier fairy Mimi to come tonight and pick up my pacifier. I can do so many things without my pacifier that I can fall asleep without it.”

I was completely flabbergasted and wasn't even prepared for it.

The fairy came with glitter and a gift, of course. She was so proud of herself the next day and told all her friends about it. She also encourages her to give the pacifier to the pacifier fairy.

Pacifier fairy Mimi picks up the pacifiers from the children

Weaning the pacifier is a process

These experiences gave rise to the idea of ​​making it easier for other children to manage without their beloved pacifier. And also to help parents to lovingly and gently support the pacifier weaning process.

When the pacifier is picked up...

...there's a little party. Because not only our children love balloons, confetti and music. We particularly enjoyed the fact that our three children spoke the voices at the party themselves in the video.


That was the story of how the little pacifier fairy Mimi came into being

We hope that with this project we can give a little support to many parents who are in the same situation as Marie and I were some time ago.

We not only want to encourage the children with the pacifier fairy Mimi, but also show you as parents that you are not alone with the topic "pacifier weaning".

Thanks to the pacifier fairy Mimi, my two sons are now also supported in weaning them off the pacifier.

 Schnullerfee Mimi can also help my two sons wean them off their pacifiers.

Thanks to the pacifier fairy Mimi, my son has now given up the pacifier

Addendum: My middle son Paul (2.5 years old) gave the pacifier to the pacifier fairy Mimi this morning (July 28, 2022) and got the long-awaited plane in exchange for it. He is incredibly proud and was happy about the magical fairy magic of the pacifier fairy, just as much as his big sister.

This is how Mimi helps you to become pacifier-free: