• Weaning doesn't always have to be worrying.

  • It can be accompanied with a lot of joy and fun.

Weaning doesn't always have to be worrying.

It can be accompanied with a lot of joy and fun. Here you can personalize the pacifier fairy set for your child

Weaning off the pacifier with a lot of fun and joy - with Mimi it is possible!

Are you also worried about sleepless nights and wondering how you can wean your beloved pacifier as gently as possible?

The pacifier fairy Mimi supports your child lovingly and child-friendly. The personal address of the pacifier fairy supports and accelerates the pacifier weaning.

It accompanies you until the pacifier-free time. Let yourself be inspired by her together.

Schnullerfee Mimi wird von Ärzten empfohlen!

Ohne Druck und mit viel Freude schnullerfrei werden

Mit unserem liebevoll gestalteten Video begleiten wir Dein Kind auf dem Weg zu einem schnullerfreien Leben und helfen ihm dabei, seine Bedenken und Ängste zu überwinden.

  • Das Schnullerfee-Video wird speziell für jedes Kind personalisiert, um eine individuelle und persönliche Erfahrung zu bieten.
  • Das Video führt die Kinder sanft und Schritt für Schritt durch den Prozess der Schnullerentwöhnung, um Stress und Tränen zu minimieren.
  • Die Geschichte der Schnullerfee wird in einem magischen und zauberhaften Video erzählt, dass die Fantasie der Kinder anregt und begeistert.
  • In unserem Schnullerfee-Set ist nicht nur das personalisierte Schnullerfee-Video, sondern auch unser beliebtes Schnullerfee-Buch und das magische Fensterbild enthalten.

Hello, I'm Mimi, your child's personal pacifier fairy.

I am sending you a beautiful video in which I address your child personally by their name. A colorful activity book with a story to read aloud and plenty of space to design yourself make weaning from a pacifier a very special journey.

You can achieve very gentle weaning from the pacifier with my pacifier fairy set .

Schnullerfee Mimi mit ihren Haustieren

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Finally pacifier-free - the unique hands-on and memory book

To the book

Window picture - NEW!


Finally pacifier free!!! That's what other parents say

We've tried everything possible. Jonas loved his pacifier and he could never be missing anywhere. The video was the absolute highlight for him. He would have preferred to have handed in all the pacifiers immediately because he really wanted to stick his photos in the book. THANKS! THANKS!

Claudia (mum of Jonas from Wettbergen)

The window picture worked wonders for us. I never expected it, but from that day on, the pacifier was only interesting in bed at night.

Wow! Great idea that kids really love.

Monika (mother of Elisa from Allach)

Great job for the kids. Finally a solution for the so difficult pacifier issue!

When it comes to my daughter, I'll come back to you. Now you don't have to be afraid of weaning anymore.

Petra (mum of Joshua from Koblenz)

Gladly and again and again with Mimi. I would have been happy if that had happened to my other two children. Then I could have saved myself a lot of tears.

Larissa (Mum of Ben from Göxe)

The name wasn't on the list yet and I'm amazed at how quickly and easily the new name was included. 5 stars for such great and competent customer service.

Leon (Dad of Liv from Linz)

Emilia loves her personalized video. She answers Mimi directly to her questions and talks to her. She was so excited that Mimi was supposed to pick up 3 of her 4 Nuckis that same evening. The window picture is already sticking and is admired. THANKS!!!

Anonymous (Mum of Emilia)

Mimi has been able to help quite a lot of children wean them off their pacifiers

Thanks to Mimi, we made it!

I thought we'd never make it. Many thanks for this great idea. My daughter still wants to see the wonderful video, although the pacifier is already gone :-)

Nadine (Mum of Lilly from Karlsruhe)

I look forward to helping you and your child wean off the pacifier.

The little pacifier fairy Mimi